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Mapping Key Transferable Skills for Career Transition to Non-Profit

“You get paid for your job?”, pat came the question when I mentioned to my Uncle that I was working in the nonprofit sector. And was I surprised? No! Every time I spoke about my job or my passion for … Continue reading

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Stories Of Grassroots Education in India

If I had told my younger self that I would one day set out to write about grassroots level education, bottom-up change, and long term impact, I would have scoffed. Set in my aspirations of pursuing a career in journalism, … Continue reading

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Things Interns Shouldn’t Do.

Read about the organization before applying. If it’s a slightly obscure place for which you can’t find information online, ask the person you are corresponding with for the internship to give you any relevant reading material. Don’t ask the recruiter … Continue reading

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Why is volunteering a win-win situation for students?

“You volunteer for an organization?” “Why would you take up something that does not pay you?” “Why are you offering your time, skills and knowledge for free?” It is not uncommon for people to wonder and throw these questions at … Continue reading

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The Difference Work Experience Made to My Post Grad Education

I distinctly remember how my undergrad days were. Day after day of whiling away time with friends (though I did pay attention in class for the most part), last minute cramming for exams and clearing exams with good marks (well, … Continue reading

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The Importance Of Building Connections.

There are three areas in which knowing the right people can do wonders for you – the Mafia, politics and the legal field. Writing an article on the importance of contacts in the legal profession is stale. It is similar … Continue reading

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Getting Linked on LinkedIn

      In the cut throat competitive world of Law schools, “connections” is the most valuable asset. Whether on the real world, or on social networks. While law students spend a decent amount of time (in some cases a majority … Continue reading

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