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Things Interns Shouldn’t Do.

Read about the organization before applying. If it’s a slightly obscure place for which you can’t find information online, ask the person you are corresponding with for the internship to give you any relevant reading material. Don’t ask the recruiter … Continue reading

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A Career in Scientific Research and the Pathway to PhD Decoded.

As I entered 11th standard ISC, a barrage of information on competitive exams was thrown at me and a lot of people asked me the standard question “Are you going to choose Engineering or Medicine?” given that I had chosen … Continue reading

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Internships Decoded: Why it’s not only about the Law!

That internships are really important in making you employment-worthy is an indisputable proposition. This is primarily because law firms or even litigators recognize that the law as is taught in law schools falls short, and significantly at that, from what … Continue reading

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