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Mapping Key Transferable Skills for Career Transition to Non-Profit

“You get paid for your job?”, pat came the question when I mentioned to my Uncle that I was working in the nonprofit sector. And was I surprised? No! Every time I spoke about my job or my passion for the social sector, I would get some curious glances from people around, followed by the… Continue reading Mapping Key Transferable Skills for Career Transition to Non-Profit

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Stories Of Grassroots Education in India

If I had told my younger self that I would one day set out to write about grassroots level education, bottom-up change, and long term impact, I would have scoffed. Set in my aspirations of pursuing a career in journalism, I was not sure what I had planned out in my head, but being on… Continue reading Stories Of Grassroots Education in India

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How to Write Professional Emails

We’re all emailing all day, every day. They form the initial point of contact for so many of our conversations. With an increasingly global workforce, emails are generally the go-to method for communicating with colleagues across the world. So how do you write professional emails? A clear and crisp subject line: The subject line of the… Continue reading How to Write Professional Emails