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Things Interns Shouldn’t Do.

  1. Read about the organization before applying. If it’s a slightly obscure place for which you can’t find information online, ask the person you are corresponding depositphotos_7168212-stock-illustration-research-magnifying-glass-over-backgroundwith for the internship to give you any relevant reading material. Don’t ask the recruiter to tell you what the organization does, they would expect you to already know their core work if you are so interested in applying. Feel free to ask other questions related to their work that you may want more details about. A recruiter will not be selecting you if you haven’t even read up about the place you want to intern at, even if you have a stellar CV, because that just shows a complete lack of dedication and interest.

  1. Errors in language, spellings, formatting etc in your emails and any further correspondence with the recruiter are entirely unacceptable. You have free tools available that do the checks for you, integrate them with your email if you can’t recheck yourself. [Editors Tip: Download Grammarly if you haven’t already. You are welcome!]

  1. Don’t ask the recruiter anything that you can get on the first page of a Google search. Or even on the second page. It is a waste of the recruiters time and probably would leave them a little annoyed with you.

  1. Do not lie or inflate skills on your CV. If you list Social Media Management as a skill, the Recruiter will expect you to be able to do more than just share posts on social 660a06d511807f33030116c88da792f7media handles. Lying is inefficient for both parties, you won’t be able to do the work assigned to you and the Recruiter will need to hire someone else again to do that job. If you have already lied about something, please teach yourself the skill required before you start the internship.

  1. If you don’t understand some task, ask the Recruiter again, but not 5 minutes before your submission deadline. Please always get your doubts regarding any work clarified before you start working on it, or during the initial stages. [Editors Note: It is also better to ask silly questions and sound stupid than to not ask those questions, mess up the work and prove your stupidity.] Not understanding something is never an excuse for not finishing the work towards the end.

  1. Messaging someone you are reporting to at 2 am is unacceptable unless they have given you leave to do so or if you are working across different time zones. If pertinent, drop an email. Having said that, just let the person you are reporting to set the tone of how they would like to interact with you, everyone has a different working style and you need to understand that and work within it.

  1. Please do not hit on/flirt with the person who you are interning under. If you really want to ask them out, wait until the internship is over. Otherwise, it’s just an awkward and unprofessional situation for everybody.

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About the Author:

Bio ImageVandita Morarka is the Cofounder of Students for Social Reform Initiative and has previously been the Youth Outreach Coordinator for Safecity and has also initiated their flagship Campus Ambassador program. She works with youth organisations in various capacities and has mentored and trained over 500 young persons in the past few years. Vandita is currently the Policy, Legal and United Nations Liaising Officer for Safecity (Red Dot Foundation) and also does independent policy based consulting and legal research for government agencies, NGOs and philanthropists.



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