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Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize: Breaking the College Limbo


By the third year of your university life, the proverbial gears start slowing down. You will find yourself skipping more classes than usual as the part-time internship starts demanding more and more of your time. There will be more assignments and projects to complete than there are hours in the day. The Canteen-waali chai and Maggi noodles- that’s it for both lunch and dinner, that is if there is time to eat! Those junior years will be by far the most challenging part of the collegiate experience. As the pressure to perform increases so does the feeling that life is cassette stuck in on ‘play and repeat’.  

There are ways to snap out of this mind-body limbo, and the feeling that you are living the same day over and over again, provided that you are invested in the solution -100%!



Shake things up by drastically altering your daily routine. Sleep on the wrong side of the bed. Wear those purple shoes. Take an Uber to college and relax in the back by watching the world go by.



Keep moving to enjoy the full movement of your limbs.  Commit to a 15-minute walk every evening after dinner.  Pull on your joggers and walk out the door. Don’t overthink it.


Mama must have told you so, and it’s true that eating healthy is pretty much the solution to 99% of our problems. Grab an apple for lunch. Swap out a sandwich for a bowl of watermelon cubes.  Not only are you in for some delicious flavors, there are healthy sugar and tons of vitamins to be found in every bite!

Step 4: MINDMAP IT (The Most Important!!)

Address the elephant in the room. You need to get invigorated again about why you are pursuing your degree. Take thirty minutes to draw out your end goals; basically your xwaitlist-limbo-body.jpg.pagespeed.ic.HCrBSQfKJP“whys”. By mind mapping it and placing these motivations on your mirror or above your study desk, you are recentering your focus. Draw a plan, and remember why you are doing what you are doing. 

Keep your eyes on the prize. And it will be within your grasp. Trust me.

About the Author:

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Mariam Shoaib is a Corporate Trainer and Editor at the Catalyst Woman Coaching & Consultancy. She can be reached at and at @Marsonearth at Twitter.  


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